Private Sector Services

IPTI provides a wide range of services to private sector organizations. Mentioned below is a list of our service offerings.

  • Property Assessment and Management Image

    Modernization of property taxation management

  • Modern Technology Image

    Making best use of modern technology

  • Research Image

    Maximizing use of property data and property tax assessment information 

  • Performance Improvements Image

    Internal information sharing for improved corporate performance

  • External Information Sharing Image

    External Information and experience sharing

  • Stakeholder Relationships Image

    Building effective relationships with stakeholders

  • Influencing Policy Makers Image

    Influencing policy-makers

  • Best Practices Image

    Identifying and utilizing best practice

  • Property Tax Adviser Image

    Working with external professional advisers

  • Global Property Tax Image

    Effective property tax management practices in a global environment

  • Benchmarking Image

    Benchmarking key components of property tax life cycle 

  • Litigation Image

    Appeals and litigation strategy

  • Mediation Image

    Alternative dispute resolution, including mediation

  • Data Management Image

    Technology and process integration including data collection, management, analysis and reporting

  • Education and Training Image

    Education and training

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