Corporate Advisory Committee

As globalization and population growth increase the pressure on governments to raise revenue and as the demand for goods and services increase, corporate taxpayers are faced with increasing costs associated with their real property taxes. IPTI’s Corporate Advisory Committee was formed to serve as a voice and represent the needs and concerns of corporations. The Corporate Advisory Committee supports corporate managers by providing:

  • Opportunities to exchange global property tax management strategies with other corporations and industry experts
  • Opportunities to participate in corporate benchmarking studies
  • Info-sharing experiences on technical matters, contracting strategies, country-specific tax and assessment related matters
  • Ways and means of keeping apprised of critical developments which may affect corporations in future
  • Opportunities to communicate and provide submissions to government agencies prior to legislation being enacted or changed
  • Research and Advisory Services tailored to their particular needs
  • Networking opportunities

Corporate Advisory Committee Members

Marc Sances, Prologis - Corporate Advisory Committee Chair
Yvonne Bendinger-Rothschild, EACC
Paul Dooley, Kimco
Scott Eckhardt, Amazon
Bradford C. Dunn, TJX Companies Inc.
Connie Ellis, Revantage Corporate Services
Fred Nicely, Council on State Taxation
Anna Pelts, Amherst Holding
Tom Platz, RD Management, LLC
Kevin Scott, Stellantis
Kathleen Suvanich, Walgreens Co.
David Wilkes, Cullen and Dykman, LLP

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