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Upcoming IPTI Conferences

IPTI, in collaboration with our partners, is thrilled to announce three highly anticipated conferences scheduled for this year. Mark your calendars for these events, and stay tuned for additional information.

IAAO/IPTI Mass Appraisal Valuation Symposium (MAVS 2024)
Date: June 26 & 27

RICS/IPTI 11th Annual Caribbean Valuation And Construction Conference
Date: Oct 2 & 3

Conference of Valuation Agencies (COVA 2024)
Date: Oct 29 & 30

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Developing Cap Rates

April 17, 2024

Any interest in real estate that is capable of generating income can be valued using the direct capitalization approach. This requires an appropriate derivation of the capitalization rate. Depending on the quantity and quality of available data, there are various techniques used. This webinar will cover the challenges assessors and valuators face in deriving capitalization rates in the application of the direct capitalization methodology. Emphasis will be given to derivation of the rates from comparable sales. Data requirements and practical application of the methodology will also be discussed.
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Quality Audit Framework Webinar

April 25, 2024

Successful organizations build appropriate quality standards to ensure that all aspects of their activities meet their stakeholders’ expectations. For a property tax assessing agency, this is of particular importance in relation to their key activity which is the production of property valuations that form the basis of the property tax system in the jurisdiction(s) they cover. IPTI has developed a "Quality Audit Framework" (QAF) webinar which enables assessing organizations specifically property tax assessing agencies to objectively review the extent to which they meet these requirements. This webinar will explain what the QAF is and how it can be applied.
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I am sending this newsletter out a bit earlier than the usual end of the month as I wanted you to receive it before the Easter weekend. If you are taking some additional time off over the long weekend, I hope you have a great time with family and friends.

The title of an article caught my eye recently “There’s Nothing Conservative about Repealing the Property Tax”. The author, looking at the property tax system in the USA, said: “Property taxes generate 72 percent of local tax revenue. If governments can afford to cut taxes that deeply, surely there are more pro-growth places to cut. A tax revolt is brewing, with homeowners and farmers in a half-dozen states and counting swinging behind sweeping proposals to eliminate local property taxes. A popular movement to repeal a major tax may sound like a conservative’s dream, but for free-market conservatives, this particular dream could easily turn out to be a nightmare.......

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