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RICS/IPTI 11th Annual Caribbean Valuation And Construction Conference

The conference will address issues as they relate to property valuation and construction. Proposed topics should be relevant to the conference's themes: 'Learning From the Past, Looking into the Future' and ‘Sustainability & Climate Change’.

Expression of Interest to present should include topics relevant to the valuation, construction, management, technology, recent developments, and advancements, challenges in valuation and construction, real estate markets, sustainability, climate change and topics relevant to the Caribbean audience.

Submission Requirements: Use our online application to submit the presenter information, topic, and a brief synopsis of the proposed topic.

EOI to Present Submission Deadline: February 26, 2024

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Assessment Valuation of The Multi-residential Properties

March 21, 2024

This webinar will focus on the current trends and factors affecting multi-residential properties today. Participants will obtain a better understanding of the fundamentals and principles in valuing multi-residential properties. The panelist will discuss the effects of rent control on valuation for property tax purposes. Participants will gain an understanding of the various valuation techniques looking at the direct capitalization and the gross rent multiplier valuation approaches as well as the determination of rents and expense allowances.
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MA101: Introduction to Mass Appraisal Concepts

March 27, 2024

Provides a general introduction to mass appraisal. Topics covered include mass appraisal vs single property appraisal, computer-assisted mass appraisal(CAMA), mass appraisal and the three approaches to value, steps in the mass appraisal process, measuring mass appraisal performance, technology and skills required.
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As most readers of this newsletter will be aware, properly designed property tax systems are able to reflect changes in property values by amending tax rates appropriately. However, that simple approach seems to elude many politicians as they seek a “knee-jerk” reaction to rising house prices for fear of what rising property taxes may do to their electoral prospects!

A recent article from the USA is typical of many I have seen over the years; its title reads: “State lawmakers seek to limit property ax increases as home values soar”. Click on the link below to read selected extracts from the article......

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