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Vision & Expertise


IPTI’s vision is to be recognized as the world’s leading organization on property tax policy and practice.


IPTI’s mission is to provide impartial, objective expert advice in the area of property tax systems and promote the concept that these systems should be fair and equitable and meet the needs of all stakeholders, i.e. governments, taxpayers, practitioners and academics. In addition, IPTI seeks to ensure that property tax systems contribute to the provision of high quality services for the benefit of communities.


IPTI is a not-for-profit organization, incorporated under the Canada Corporations Act on May 13, 1997. It is comprised of experts who support stakeholders in developing and maintaining effective and efficient property tax systems by providing them with:

  • Impartial, objective policy advice
  • Strategic advisory and consulting services to create, test and implement policy, and to improve performance through innovative good practice
  • Education and training services to enhance professional development and building technical confidence
  • Property information services to enable more effective decisions

IPTI puts particular emphasis on:

  • The role of central and local government
  • Property tax reform – planning, implementation and modernization
  • Legal and administrative frameworks
  • Property tax assessment
  • Taxpayer services and education
  • Audits
  • Experience sharing

In addition, IPTI specializes in:

  • Property valuation processes: including data collection, mapping and data management; mass appraisal valuation for residential and non-residential properties; quality control
  • Property tax collection and enforcement
  • Appeal systems
  • Technology and process integration and implementation including data management, data analysis and reporting systems
  • Electronic and on-line learning
  • Sharing best practice
  • Alternative dispute resolution: mediation services
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