IPTI Resources

IPTI Resources

IPTI is a international organization with its President based in the United Kingdom, a Chief Executive Officer based in Canada, with Directors and Advisors based in Canada, the USA, Europe, Australia and the Caribbean.

IPTI’s President, Paul Sanderson, spent over 40 years working for the UK Government’s Valuation Office Agency (VOA) where he was the Director responsible for all professional valuation work, including property tax assessments. The VOA is the largest valuation agency in the world with over 3,500 staff dealing with valuations of some 25 million properties. He is a major contributor to many of IPTI’s Canadian initiatives and projects.

IPTI’s Chief Executive Officer, Jerry Grad, is a co-founder of the organization. Jerry was President of a Canadian national property tax advisory and valuation firm. With over 40 years of professional experience in the municipal assessment and property tax arena, Jerry’s expertise includes research specific to international property taxation, assessment policy, valuation, taxation and litigation strategy.

IPTI’s Director, Carlos Resendes, has thirty-five years experience in property valuation, tax administration and senior management. Prior to joining IPTI, Carlos was VP Business and Innovation Services for the Property Valuation Services Corporation in Nova Scotia. He held several senior positions with MPAC including Senior Manager of commercial, industrial and  multi-residential properties for the City of Toronto and Assessment  Commissioner for the City of North York. He also served as Manager for the Revenue Department at the City of London Ontario.

Other Resources: Henry Grad, Director, IPTI; Brenda Minor, Manager Communication, IPTI; Lidia Konet, Manager Administration, IPTI

IPTI’s Board of Advisors is comprised of internationally-respected professionals all of whom have extensive experience at a high level in their respective fields. The breadth of membership of the Board reflects IPTI’s commitment to international participation and sharing best practice on a global basis. The Board contributes to the strategic direction and overall planning for IPTI.