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Public Sector

Policy Advice

IPTI has provided advice on property tax policy to governments in a number of countries, resulting in significantly improved performance. In many cases, the issues faced by governments in connection with property tax systems are similar throughout the world and through its international knowledge and expertise, IPTI is able to identify effective solutions to particular policy issues.


The need for comprehensive legislation covering all aspects of property tax systems in paramount. IPTI understands that, although there are similarities, there is no “one size fits all” solution. IPTI advocates tailoring legislation to meet the needs of the jurisdiction concerned.

Process Reviews

IPTI has undertaken several detailed reviews of the various processes involved in maintaining property tax systems. These reviews have identified particular issues which adversely affected the performance of a property tax system in a particular country and recommended solutions which have considerably streamlined and enhanced the processes involved.

Facilitation Services

Assessment agencies recognize the benefit of communicating with property taxpayers in advance of reassessments. However, many property taxpayers are reluctant to engage directly with assessing agencies without the safeguard of an independent facilitator. Our experts act as facilitators and have a proven track record of success in bringing the parties together

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