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Examples of Research Projects

IPTI has undertaken a wide variety of projects for international governments at all levels (Federal, Provincial and Local), for private sector clients, for professional organizations, and for other bodies which have been in need of the expert, independent, impartial advice that IPTI provides. Set out below are brief details of some of these projects.

Research: IPTI has carried out a significant number of research projects for both public and private sector organizations. Recent examples include research into property tax systems around the world that a corporate client wanted to improve its knowledge and awareness of how liabilities in one jurisdiction compared to another. IPTI also carried out research into the property tax system in Brazil which was undertaken for a large technology company. Another example was research commissioned by the Canadian Municipality, into their fiscal management system including detailed forecasting of the contribution that property tax was likely to make in future years. IPTI was asked by the Canadian large city to undertake international research into how large airports are valued for property tax purposes. IPTI was commissioned by the local government agency, to provide advice on the effect of environmental contamination on property values. IPTI was asked by the Federation of Rental Housing Providers Association to carry out a review of taxation, classification and valuation methodologies for rental housing properties in the province. IPTI was asked to research the issue of land value taxation and present its findings to a colloquium in the UK. IPTI was commissioned to research international practice on eminent domain and incorporate its findings into a series of presentations in Saudi Arabia.

Scorecard: IPTI was asked by the US-based Council on State Taxation (COST) to assist it in preparing an international scorecard relating to property tax systems around the world. COST already provided a scorecard in relation to the USA, but requested IPTI to research and advise on property tax systems in other countries. The first international scorecard was published in 2014 and IPTI is currently working with COST on a new international scorecard.

International Benchmarking: IPTI was commissioned by the Australian Council of Valuers General to provide confidential data on a variety of issues concerning property tax systems based on international research. This included issues relating to performance, cost, customer service, etc. IPTI’s report was presented to the annual conference of Valuers General in Sydney and was followed up by a further presentation on similar issues at the annual conference of Valuers General in Perth.

IPTI offers impartial, independent mediation in the event property taxpayers consider that an appeal may be necessary but wish to explore alternative dispute resolution processes rather than pursue a possibly lengthy and expensive litigation.

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