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Examples of Mediation Projects

IPTI has undertaken a wide variety of projects for international governments at all levels (Federal, Provincial and Local), for private sector clients, for professional organizations, and for other bodies which have been in need of the expert, independent, impartial advice that IPTI provides. Set out below are brief details of some of these projects.


As part of the preparations for the 2016 property tax reassessment process in Ontario, IPTI was asked to independently chair the many consultation meetings held between the key stakeholders as part of the new “disclosure” process. Stakeholders included the Ministry of Finance, the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation, representatives of municipalities, property taxpayers and their professional advisors. A total of ten special purpose business property types (e.g. automotive assembly plants, petrochemical plants, steelworks, mines, etc.), as well as multi-residential and casino properties, were included in this process and it was regarded as very successful in achieving its objective of sharing information to improve transparency and understanding.

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