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Examples of Advisory Service Projects

IPTI has undertaken a wide variety of projects for international governments at all levels (Federal, Provincial and Local), for private sector clients, for professional organizations, and for other bodies which have been in need of the expert, independent, impartial advice that IPTI provides. Set out below are brief details of some of these projects.

Process Review:

IPTI was awarded a tender to undertake a review of the way in which the Irish Valuation Office (IVO) carried out its statutory functions in connection with property tax revaluations and list maintenance in the Irish Republic. IPTI’s report was presented to the IVO’s management board and staff and resulted in fundamental changes in the way in which the IVO works.

Valuation Guidance:

IPTI has been commissioned by a number of Canadian public sector valuation agencies to provide instruction manuals and other guidance to assist their assessors in carrying out their valuation and appeal work. Most recently, IPTI provided a comprehensive collection of valuation methodology manuals in Ontario and delivered training to MPAC’s staff on how to apply the guidance contained in the manuals.

Specialist Services:

IPTI was engaged to provide advice in connection with payment of grants-in-lieu (GIL) of property taxes under the Municipal Aids Act. IPTI was asked to review the existing processes, procedures and resources for owned and leased properties for the purposes of the GIL Tax Management and Assessment Appeal Program and to provide recommendations for improvements.


IPTI was asked to review the practical implementation of the legislation that governs the property tax appeal process in Nova Scotia. This involved consideration of the initial work done in connection with appeals by the Property Valuation Services Corporation, the process undertaken by the Nova Scotia Assessment Appeal Tribunal, and finally the work of the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board. IPTI provided a detailed review of the legislation and associated processes and provided a report containing wide-ranging recommendations for improvement.

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