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PVSC has established a cooperation agreement with the International Property Tax Institute

IPTI is pleased to announce the signing of a Cooperation Memorandum of Understanding with the Property Valuation Services Corporation (PVSC).

PVSC is the valuation agency responsible for assessing properties for property tax purposes in Nova Scotia, Canada.

In 2016, PVSC became the first assessment jurisdiction audited and certified by IPTI regarding its assessment practices and performance.

Our partnership with PVSC evolved from 2016. Earlier this year, PVSC kindly hosted IPTI’s annual Mass Appraisal Valuation Symposium (MAVS) in Halifax, Nova Scotia. During the MAVS, we spent some time exploring the opportunity of continuing to work with PVSC in appropriate areas.

PVSC is offering mass appraisal services to assessment jurisdictions outside of Nova Scotia. IPTI’s relationship with PVSC is an opportunity to partner on projects where IPTI can provide impartial policy advice, guidance and training, and PVSC can provide services that require valuation expertise.