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  • Consulting advice to a regional municipality pertaining to risk analysis and reviewing assumptions of tax revenue scenarios resulting from a redevelopment project. (Canada)
  • Benchmarking and Best Practices – IPTI has performed  benchmarking and best practice surveys in 2006, 2007 and 2009 for various international assessing agencies. (United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia)
  • Preliminary research and compilation of data on representative industrial plants in Canada and the US to provide the client with greater understanding,  more meaningful interpretation and reasoned comparison of property tax on industrial plants. (Canada)
  • Audit of general revaluations for 2009 and 2013, (South Africa)
  • For the Inter-American Development Bank, the Federal Government of Mexico through National Bank of Works and Services Public SNC and the National Institute of Statistic, Geography and Information to assist in the modernization of the Mexican property tax system to improve the efficiency of real estate property tax contributions to municipal governments  emphasis on the tax collecting processes, taxpayer communications, definitions of assessment procedures and policies, design and update of tariffs and the management of these policies, process and procedures at the municipal government level. (Mexico)
  • Preparation of Storyboards to assist in explanation of how non-residential properties have been valued for property tax purposes (Canada)


(Includes Corporate Sector and Assessing/Tax Organizations)

  • IPTI assisted the corporate client and their managers and advisors to determine the appropriate negotiation strategy with various levels of government pertaining to the over taxation of a specific single purpose industrial property. This included research as well as drafting processes in terms of making representations to various officials.
  • Research into current state of valuations in the United Kingdom with emphasis on details of the rating and valuations and providing the client with recommendations pertaining to approval management strategy.
  • With the assistance of the client and legal counsel, undertaking negotiations for an appropriate appeal process pertaining to the valuation and assessability of the processing equipment
  • International Property Tax Survey and Scorecard – encourages countries and their sub-national jurisdictions as appropriate, to put in place fair and efficient property tax administrative practices and to encourage them to establish an equal and stable property tax structure, between residential and business properties located in a taxing jurisdiction. ( In Co-operation with COST)
  • Along with the Institute of Municipal Assessors (IMA), IPTI has developed various training courses and seminars
  • Discussions on developing professional assessing standards