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IPTI News – Workshop in São Paulo

IPTI has just concluded a four-day property tax workshop in São Paulo, Brazil. The workshop, conducted in Portuguese, brought together property tax professionals from both the public and private sectors located in many different parts of the country. IPTI focussed on providing inputs from an international perspective and colleagues from various parts of Brazil contributed their experience from a local perspective.

More specifically, IPTI provided workshop sessions on property tax policies and practice, data collection and management strategies, international valuation standards, valuation methodology, dealing with challenges, and handling appeals. Brazilian colleagues referred to a number of local challenges, current limitations in respect of policy development, data collection issues, the development of valuation models using multiple regression analysis, geostatistics, geospatial analysis and associated technology, the need for simplification of the valuation process due to resource constraints, and practical exercises concerning quality assurance and the use of ratio studies.

The workshop concluded with a series of round-table discussions to address valuation and technical issues identified by the participants. Overall, the workshop was well-received by all those who attended and participants were fully engaged in all the sessions.

IPTI would like to thank all those involved for their help in delivering the workshop. In particular, we would like to thank Claudia M De Cesare from Port Alegre for all her work in preparing and organising the workshop. In addition, we would like to thank Gelson dos Santos Oliveira from Salvador, Everton Silva from Florianópolis and Rubens Dantas from Recife for their various presentations at the workshop. We would also like to thank ABAM for managing the registration process and the support we received from FENAFIM.

Photographs from the event can be found in our gallery HERE