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IPTI/IMA Webinars and Webinar recordings


The International Property Tax Institute, with the co-operation of the Institute of Municipal Assessors, offer one-hour webinars which have been widely attended and are eligible for CPD credits.

If you missed the original date you can register for  web-recordings which can be accessed at your convenience. For more information, go to http://www.theima.ca/home.cfm?id=1615&action=Published#liste

These sessions include the following topics.

·         Valuation of Shopping Centres
·         Corporate Challenges in Property Tax Management of Multi-Jurisdictional Portfolios: IPTI’s Perspective
·         Building Consensus to Avoid Assessment Appeals & Litigation
·         Principles & Concepts of Municipal Assessment Taxation
·         Valuation of Office Buildings
·         Property Tax Policy
·         Identifying & Quantifying Functional and External Depreciation
·         preparation for litigation
·         Theory & Practice of the Income Approach-Valuation Challenges in Property Tax Valuations
·         Valuation of Leisure Properties
·         Valuation of Special Purpose Properties: Is the Cost Approach the Only Answer?
·         Alternate Dispute Resolution: Role of Mediation in Resolving Property Tax and Valuation Disputes
·         Retrospective and Prospective Value Issues: Know Your Dates
·         Valuation of Commercial Properties
·         Valuation of Public-Private Partnerships and Public Service Properties
·         Preparation for Litigation: Interaction Between Expert Witness  and Legal Counsel
·         Valuation of Contaminated Property: Practical Considerations
·         Valuation Disputes: Writing of Expert Reports and Giving Expert Evidence
·         Quantification of Physical, Functional and External Depreciation
·         Preparation for Valuation Disputes: Expert Witness and Legal Perspectives
·         Derivation of Fair Market Rents for Valuations of Multi-Residential Properties, Office Buildings and Shopping Centres
·         Valuation of Land: Theory and Application
·         Giving Expert Evidence on Valuation Disputes
·         Valuation of Income Producing Properties: Derivation of Capitalization Rates and Expenses
·         Role of the Assessor and Expert in Mediations and the Negotiation Process
·         Valuation of Special Purpose and Unique Properties
·         Role of the Advocate in Assessment Appeals


If you missed the original date you can register for  web-recordings which can be accessed at your convenience. For more information, go to http://www.theima.ca/home.cfm?id=1615&action=Published#listen