In 2012 the European Corporate Advisory Committee was formed representing corporate interests throughout Europe.

European Corporate Advisory Committee Members are:

Philip Glenwright, Shell International
Ben Gammer, Unilever
Ben Gammer is Real Estate Services Analyst - Europe and Africa with Unilever, based in Kingston Upon Thames, United Kingdom
Claire Kenney, TJX Europe
Claire is the Head of Estate Europe for TJX Europe
Julian Lyon, GM
Julian is the Manager, European Real Estate for General Motors, based in Guildford, United Kingdom.
Andy Pickford, TATA Steel Ltd
 Andy is the Manager of Property & Valuation for TATA Steel Ltd based in the United Kingdom.
Michael Roche, JP Morgan Chase
Michael is the Vice President, Real Estate and Portfolio Management with JP Morgan FCS
Paul Sanderson, IPTI
Paul is the President of IPTI and is based in the United Kingdom