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Country Representatives

IPTIpedia Country Representatives are from both the public and private sectors and assist in obtaining and updating information relevant to current tax regimes and practices in their respective jurisdictions. Data is updated on a semi-annual basis.

Country Representatives for selected countries include:

Australia: Philip Western

Barbados: Wayne Forde, Director, Barbados Revenue Authority

Brazil: Claudia de Cesare, Consultant


Chile: Claudia de Cesare, Consultant

Czech Republic: Alena Holmes, Director, Ministry of Finance

Denmark: Anders Muller, Property Tax and Valuation

England and Wales: Philip Glenwright, Property Tax Advisor, Shell International

Estonia: Tambet Tiits

France: Xavier Ottavi, Ecole Nationale du Cadastre

Germany: Dirk Lentfer, Norr Stiefenhofer Lutz, Berlin

Hong Kong: PK Tang, Rating and Valuation Department, Government of Hong Kong SAR

Hungary: Mihaly Lados, Hungary Academy of Sciences

Indonesia: Eddi Wahyudi, Deputy Director of Extensification, Ministry of Finance, Jakarta

Ireland: Mark Adamson, Valuation Office, Ireland

Japan: Kaz Fujiki, Japan Real Estate

Latvia: Anda Orehova, Head of Personal Income Tax and real Estate Tax Unit, Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Latvia

Lithuania: Albina Aleksiene, Expert on International Projects, State Enterprise Centre of Registrars

Moldova: Olga Buzu, Agency for Land Relations and Cadastre

Netherlands: Arri Hartog, Drechteden Municipal Tax Agency

New Zealand: Neill Sullivan, Valuer-General, Policy and Regulatory Group, Land Information New Zealand and Jacquie Barker, Chief Operating Officer, Quotable Value

Pakistan: Javaid Ashraf Dar, Technical Expert on Property Tax, Govt. of the Punjab

Poland: Justyna Przekopiak , Director, Ministry of Finance

Romania: Mihaela Spiridon, Ministry of Public Finance

Russian Federation: Natalia Takhtarova

Scotland: Joan Hewton, Assessor & ERO, Lothian VJB

Singapore: Jennifer Lin, Director, Inland Revenue Authority of Singapore

Slovakia: Anna Romanova, PhD, Pavol Jozef Safarik University in Kosice, Faculty of Law

Slovenia: Neva Zibrik , Ministry of Finance

South Africa: Janet Channing , Managing Director, Metgovis

Spain: Ramon Andarias, Head of Technology Department, SUMA

Ukraine: Yuriy Dzhygyr